Fixation and Adjustment


In the metalmechanics industry, the need to unite pieces such as plates, profiles and bars is very common. Any construction, no matter how simple, requires uniting parts together. As such, specific elements are required to create that union, which we call fixation and adjustment elements.

To create a mechanical unit, it is important to choose the fixation and adjustment element that is most suited to the type of parts that will be united or fixed together.

Weak or poorly planned elements may damage the whole project. Good planning will also prevent a concentration of tension in the fixed parts. These tensions cause ruptures due to material fatigue.

Servimolas creates and develops springs and metallic fixation and adjustment parts that can be rectangular, circular or square-shaped. During the manufacturing process, the product is created taking into account particular limitations, such as the available space for the use of the spring, and projects specifications depending on the customer.